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Dying Man Shares Previously Unseen Amateur Video of Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

A Florida man has shared some never-before-seen footage of Challenger's catastrophic 1986 launch.
by NYCAviation Staff


Spy Photo: WestJet’s First Logo Jet Spotted at Boeing Field

Calgary-based Westjet is set to receive its first logo jet, a Boeing 737-800 wearing the titles “la garantie qui tient,” the French version of the airline's "Care-antee" marketing campaign.
by Mark Lawrence


NYCAviation To Compete on’s “Jetpardy” is hosting an online game, "Jetpardy", where NYCAviation's Founder will be going up against Henry Harteveldt from Forrester Research and Brett Snyder from Tune in Sunday, January 31st at 8pm!
by Phil Derner Jr.



Book ‘Lost’ Flight on Oceanic Airlines Through

Seems like a bad idea if you ask us, but if you really want to experience a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific and end up on a mystery island where no one can find you, has a deal for you.
by Matt Molnar


The Logbook: Spanish Fighters Take Down American F-15s

Spanish Typhoon shoots down four American F-15s in combat training. India seems to be a safe-haven for drunk pilots and a place where upgrades to First Class fail to produce all the amenities. An Ethiopian 737 crashes off the c...
by Phil Derner Jr.