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December 1, 2009

The Logbook: United Passenger Smothers Baby Inflight

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
ANA’s “Mohican Jet” scheme (Photo by J.Suzuki)

ANA’s “Mohican Jet” scheme (Photo by J.Suzuki)

• A woman flying on United from Washington DC to Kuwait accidentally smothered her 4-week-old baby to death after falling asleep while breastfeeding over the Atlantic. The aircraft diverted to London Heathrow, where the baby was declared dead on arrival. [DailyMail]

• All Nippon Airways now has a 767-300 (JA602A) painted in a “new” retro scheme. [JetPhotos.net]

• Static testing is now complete on the Boeing 787, after a wing flex test that stalled production of the new aircraft since last June. [Flight Global]

• Atlanta Hartsfield Airport has introduced “sleep rooms” for passengers looking to rest, creating exciting for frequent passengers such as Larry Craig’s and others who found bathroom stalls a little “stuffy”. [USA Today] 

• Continental Airlines has put their first 777-200 (N78017) into service in Star Alliance colors. It is their second type with the scheme, the first one being 757-200 N14120. [JetPhotos.net]

Baltia Air Lines’ first aircraft, this 747-100 from Logistic Air, is now N705BL. (Photo by Steve Brimley)

This airframe just might be Baltia Air Lines’ first aircraft, this 747-100 from Logistic Air, is now N705BL. (Photo by Steve Brimley)

• Baltia Airlines has registered their first 747-100 as N705BL, after acquiring it from Logistic Air, which is likely the former 5U-ACE. Read more in our previous Logbook here.

• US Airways’ Pilots Association (USAPA) is looking to block the slot swap (*snicker*) between US Airways and Delta at New York’s La Guardia Airport. [BNet]

• Sikorsky has delivered their first UH-60M Blackhawk to Bahrain. Rumors of plans to go to war with them in 20 years after supplying them with arms are unfounded. [Yahoo]

• Continental Airlines will soon stop allowing cash to be accepting on flights, permitting only credit and debit cards instead. Some oppose the measure, saying it will be more difficult for teenagers and children who do not have credit cards to purchase alcohol. [Chron]