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December 9, 2009

The Logbook: A380 Wake Turbulence Beats Up Saab 340

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
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• The Australian Transportation Safety Board released their final report today about a REX Regional Express Saab 340Bthat  took a beating while on approach to runway 34R in Sydney a year ago. It happened after having been caught in the wake turbulence of a Qantas A380 that had just landed on the parallel runway 34L. While descending through 2,400ft, the aircraft took a hard 52 degree roll to the left, an 8 degree nose-down pitch, and then rolled 28 degrees to the right. The pilots managed to regained control of the aircraft and landed safely with one passenger injury. [AvHerald]

• Moving along at a faster clip than its 787 brother, the 747-8 freighter has successfully completed its first engine run in Evertt, Washington.  Boeing says that the GEnx-2B engines kicked butt with two feet. [Yahoo]

With that, however, the 787 is in their final gauntlet testing and is expected to do high speed taxiing later this week. Check out these great videos on the gauntlet tests here.  [FlightGlobal, Boeing]

• After ordering 50 widebodies and then saying they will be looking to make a narrowbody order sometime in 2010, United Airlines has approached Embraer, asking them to make a bid. [Reuters]

• As pointed out yesterday, United looks to pimp themselves out in a joint venture for trans-Pacific flying, with contintal, and brothel newcomer All Nippon Airways. [WGNtv Chicago]

• The Airbus A400M military transport aircraft is slated to make its first flight this coming Friday. The three hour test flight wil tkae the 4-engine prop plane to 15,000ft at 300 knots. [FlightGlobal]

• American Airlines struck a codeshare deal with Brazil’s GOL Airlines. American already flies to five Brazilian cities and extend their reach throughout the region exponentially with this deal. Varig must be spinning in their grave. [USAToday]

NYCAviation received honorable mention on Rick Sanchez’s CNN show this afternoon…