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December 17, 2009

NYCAviation on the Today Show!

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
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Al Roker and Ann Curry having a good time while taking in some spotting at Bayswater Park.
Al Roker and Ann Curry having a good time while taking in some spotting at Bayswater Park.
NYCAviation made its network television debut as NBC’s “Today” aired a segment covering the team’s efforts to spread aviation enthusiasm among the masses. I was lucky enough to spend a morning planespotting with Al Roker and Ann Curry, where we braved heavy winds and changing runways during our opportunity to show them and our country why hundreds of thousands around the world enjoy aviation.

Al and Ann were both a pleasure to hang out with, and smiles and laughs were shared by all as I explained the various ways one can practice their passion, how to go about identifying aircraft and we also gave them a photo lesson as well. Ann Curry knew her way around a camera already, and we were all very impressed with her handling of it. Al was eager to identify the planes and even amazed us at some of the airline knowledge he already had.

For those new visitors to the site, NYCAviation.com has been an online news and resource organization geared towards aviation enthusiasts for 6 years. A considerable amount of what we do surrounds the aspect of the hobby known as “planespotting”, where people go to airports to enjoy the sights and sounds of commercial aviation by means of taking photos, or just by relaxing with fellow aficionados on a nice day. To Learn more about Planespotting itself, check out our new and growing “Planespotting for Dummies” section.

NYCAviation Founder Phil Derner (me) explaining the hobby to Ann.

NYCAviation Founder Phil Derner (me) talking about the hobby to Ann.

The goal of NYCAviation is to create an environment that allows people to enjoy and celebrate their passion for aviation by not only providing the tools that are needed to have a fun time, but by working with the community  to also make our airports a safer place.

Those tools that we make available include interesting, fun and relevant airline news, Spotting Guides, history features, an in-depth forum for communication, and consultation on the hobby, as you have seen on television today.

We wanted to provide something new and something that is unavailable to the hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts around the world. Our success  in supporting the hobby, along with news references and syndications have been seen on CNN, The New York Times, The New Yorker, USA Today, The Telegraph, The Sun, and many other forms of television, radio, magazines and books.

If you would like to learn more about our organization and what we do, you can read about us here or contact us at [email protected].

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A great time had by all.

A great time had by all.

  • http://twitter.com/Windtee Aviation T-Shirt Art

    Subject-matter wasn’t reviewed objectively. Disappointing.

    This report was a great opportunity for the “media-professionals”, NBC in this case, to present and deliver a positive and exciting alternative for today’s youth.

    Well, at least a positive residual result is… now the public and law-enforcement know who’s out there NOT causing a threat to our air-travel infrastructure.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DVP7W6F2AGW4SEAI6ODWQHDYZU Pete Doelger

    I remember hanging out at the different airports in the Milw area so I could watch the planes taking off. I often wondered where they were going. Then I took my fiance, . . . and then my wife & kids. Then I became a Private Pilot, then a Commercial pilot, then an Instrument pilot and Multi-engine pilot and then . . . then I wound up flying for Midwest Express Airlines out of MKE. Talk about a dream coming true for a kid, huh? You see I too love the smell of jet fuel in the morning, and still do.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the initiative that NBC chose to air this segment, but am seriously disappointed by Al Roker displeasure of the hobby (lesser by Ann Curry, whom was trying to be marginally objective).  Had this story been covered by Asian or in European broadcasters, and at their respective airports, it may have been received with much higher regard.  I’m sad that they couldn’t even appreciate the very instance an airline
    takes flight, such a significant feeling, or that an airline travels for
    thousands of miles to land with precision on a runway, without showing such
    disinterest.  Next time, John Travolta needs to pay a visit, and spend some time spotting with NYCAviation – then only may the journalists paint this hobby in a better light.