Week In Review

November 6, 2009

Week In Review

Photo by Phil Derner, Jr.

Photo by Phil Derner, Jr.

Midwest Airlines operated its last flight on Monday before officially being absorbed by Republic Airways. Though they will continue operations, the day marked their last 717 flight.

In what may have been a Maalox Moment, a 28-year-old passenger on an airliner in Cyprus decided to bolt from the aircraft just as it turned onto the runway. He opened the door, which blew the emergency slide, then slid down it and then jumped an airport fence before vanishing. He was later arrested.

Air France took delivery of their first Airbus A380 (registered F-HPJA), which will be used for its first revenue flight between Paris and New York on November 20.

An IL-76 crashed in the eastern Russian city of Mirny, killing all 11 onboard.

Continental’s first jet in Star Alliance colors, a 757-200, entered service to celebrate the airline’s entry into the network.

Talk about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane…a man flying a Pilatus PC-7 Mk II in South Africa accidentally ejected during an acrobatic maneuver, sending him 300 feet into the sky.

Pumba 1994 - 2009

Pumba 1994 – 2009

As if birds, mice and turtles were not enough of a threat to airplanes, and Air Zimbabwe flight had to abort takeoff after striking a warthog, sending the aircraft off of the runway. All 34 passengers escaped uninjuried, though the Chinese-made MA-60 aircraft sustained some damage. Disney has expressed their condolences and issued a press release saying that the death of the warthog may result in the delaying or full cancellation of the next Lion King sequel.

The Russian Immigrants and New Jersey Residents Union (RINJeRU) is officially boycotting United Airlines after a man named Armando Alvarez was denied a first class seat because he was wearing a track suit. Alvarez said “I was humiliated and embarrassed,” as he should have been. Though he had only paid for a coach seat and received an upgrade, the Best Buy Vice President was apparently also denied Jaegerbombs and Muscle Milk  during the flight.

A Qantas 767 on approach to Sydney was forced to go-around after the cockpit crew almost landed without dropping their landing gear. A alarm sounded as they descended through 700 feet, notifying them of their foul-up. the pilots have been suspended during an investigation.