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November 20, 2009

Week in Review

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Written by: Phil Derner Jr.
Air France's first A80 touches down at New York's JFK Airport. (Photo by Phil Derner, Jr.)

Air France's first A80 touches down at New York's JFK Airport. (Photo by Phil Derner, Jr.)

• Air France brought their first A-380 to the United States with a flight to JFK today.

• The very first Boeing 747-8 rolled out of the paint hangar looking shiny and new.

• Airbus showed off their “sharklets” on an A320 at the Dubai Airshow.

• Boeing announced that they hope to finally fly the 787 on December 22nd.

• The FAA’s Atlanta facility had a computer glitch that wreaked havoc throughout the United States for most of the day on Thursday.

• Horizon painted their newest Q400 in an Ecto-Cooler “Comfortably Green” scheme.

• Air Austral has made an official order for two Airbus A380s in a full sardine configuration with 840 seats, which will be the first airliner to hold more than 800 people.

• American Airlines put their first 767 in the Oneworld scheme into service. One world “makes ’em look like mirrors.”

• A trip to Home Depot was needed at a Brush, Colorado home after a basketball-sized piece of rime ice fell off of an airplane and destroyed a kitchen.

Spotting Thread of the Week goes to Matt Smith and the shots he got on his trip to Brussels. Great shots, Matt!

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