Week In Review

November 13, 2009

Week In Review

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Written by: Phil Derner Jr.
fat airline passenger

• In a story filled with WTF, a Delta pilot was arrested after threatening and almost succeeding at running over a police officer with his personal DC-3.

• Mike Tyson was arrested at LAX for getting into a boxing match at the United Airlines ticket counter with an overly-aggressive photographer.

• An American Airlines flight to San Francisco was slightly delayed for a weight and balance adjustment in the form of an over-sized passenger.

• A woman drove her pickup truck through a 1,500-gallon tank at the Tampa Airport Aquarium, leaving everyone to wonder “Why the hell does the airport have an aquarium?”

• It was announced that Donald Trump’s famed 727 is for sale, listed on craigslist for 8 million roses!

• In an accidental airline booking by a Dutch travel agent, a man and his grandson ended up in Sydney, Nova Scotia instead of Sydney, Australia.  Though not the Sydney Opera House, they were able to enjoy the Nova Scotian equivalent is the world’s largest ceilidh fiddle (even the effin picture is 1500 pixels wide) from Amsterdam thought it would be good time to take a trip to Sydney, Australia.

Hawaiian Airlines received their first of what will be at least eight 767-300ERs with winglets. And they actually look good!

• Untied Airlnes susptended a pitlot that wsas drnuk ebfore epadrting fmro Ldonodn on a Boogin 676.

And we leave you with Carol Burnett and a cut off of her old TV show. Take it away…

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