November 9, 2009

The Logbook

A man and his grandson from Amsterdam thought it would be good time to take a trip to Sydney, Australia. After booking through a dutch travel agency, they boarded a plane and headed over the Atlantic. The only problem is that they ended up in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Armed with nothing more than Aussie currency and short-sleeve t-shirts in the chilly Canadian air, their mix-up left them 17,000 miles away from their intended destination. Whoopsies!

Airbus’ A330-200 Freighter made its maiden flight last week. Feel free to check out the VIDEO.

Hawaiian Airlines received their first of what will be at least eight 767-300ERs with winglets.

Celebrating their 80th Anniversary, LOT Poland slapped some brightness onto a 737-400 for a special scheme that might make you wish those planes had ETOPS status for North American visits.

For the second time in a couple weeks, another Delta 767 at JFK was grounded at the gate because of a mouse found on-board.

AirTran’s third and final NFL logojet, this one for the Indianapolis Colts, enters service.