Aviation News

November 13, 2009

The Logbook

• A man wrote an open letter to a fellow passenger on a Northwest flight who became irate for not being upgraded, even though he has Elite status.

• Porter Airlines will begin flights to both Myrtle Beach, SC and Toronto on February 28, 2010.

• An Arizona woman is actually surprised that her and her children were removed from an Allegiant flight after her baby wouldn’t stop crying and her son wouldn’t sit down. Sadly, the media entertained her as well, regardless of the safety and passenger discomfort issues she created.

• Some villagers in Luebeck, Germany claim that a low-flying Ryanair 737-800 took off some roof tiles and partially collapsed a chimney during a low approach.

• North American Airlines will be leasing a 767-200 (N767MW) from MLW Air in an all VIP configuration. NAA currently operates charters with a mix of 757-200s and 767-300s.

• The British UAV “Mantis”, looking more like a prop A-10, made its first flight.

• As mentioned yesterday, Vietnam Airlines has now officially placed an order for four Airbus A380s. The best part…they plan to fly them to the United States.

• France approved a contract to acquire an additional 60 Dassault Rafale fighter jets, which would bring France’s total to 180 for the type.