Aviation News

November 12, 2009

The Logbook

tribal pilot
• An American Airlines flight was held at the gate for a few extra moments for a weight and balance adjustment, accommodating an over-sized passenger, with a photo being taken by the flight attendant.

• Mike Tyson was arrested at LAX for getting into a fight with an over-aggressive photographer.

"Captain, why are we flying in a continous clockwise circle?"

Captain, why are we flying in a continuous clockwise circle?

• A Jetlink Air CRJ-200 in Rwanda returned to the airport after takeoff due to a throttle jam and impacted the terminal.

• British Airways and Iberia have reached a merger agreement, combining to create an airline with 419 aircraft and 205 destinations.

• In what may be the sexiest A380 scheme to come out, Vietnam Airlines is considering purchasing the super jumbo.

• “Midwest” Airlines expands by adding routes to San Francisco and Raliegh/Durham beginning next April.

• Donald Trump’s famed 727 is for sale, listed on craigslist for 8 million roses! NYCAviation’s coverage is more in-depth than you’ll see anywhere else.

• Hawaiian Airlines celebrates their 80th anniversary today!

• A woman was removed from a United flight to Honolulu for being sick after she requested a barf bag before departure.


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