Aviation News

July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wakeup: Does Obama Want to Own the Airlines?

• Does Obama want to own the airlines? A WSJ op-ed questions the Dept. of Justice’s recommendation that Continental not be allowed to join the Star Alliance on antitrust grounds. These alliances may be the only savior of the airline business, and if they are impeded, the piece warns, airlines could join the ranks of the failed banking and auto industries being run out of the White House.

• Sensis Aerobahn, an innovative new ground management system being tested at JFK, has produced very positive results, say some airlines.

• Hundreds of flights to and from New York-area airports were diverted or delayed Tuesday afternoon and evening due to severe thunderstorms passing over the area. Residual delays will likely ripple through Wednesday.

• Boeing has issued an ultimatum to its machinists: If contract issues are not resolved by fall, the second 787 production line will be built someplace outside of Washington.