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July 25, 2009

New Spotting Guides Published for Albany International Airport and Boeing Field

Spotting maps for Albany International Airport and Boeing Field.

Spotting maps for Albany International Airport and Boeing Field.

Don’t let the “NYC” in our name fool you: NYCAviation has a core of extraordinarily dedicated, talented and helpful followers across the country and around the world. With their assistance and expertise we bring you spotting guides for Albany International Airport in upstate New York, and Boeing Field in Seattle.

Boeing Field (BFI) , aka King County International Airport, is not served by any major airlines, but, conversely, might deliver the world’s best variety of 737 traffic. That’s because after Boeing builds each 737 at their nearby Renton, Wash. factory, they fly them to their facility at BFI for final preparation before delivery. As a result, it is not unusual to see arriving and departing 737s wearing the paint of Ryanair, Air India and Southwest Airlines all in one day. The airport also sees a good amount of widebody cargo traffic from UPS, DHL and Airborne Express. Don’t miss: Spot C, which will offer your photos the dramatic backdrop of Mount Ranier when the 31 runways are in use.

Albany International Airport (ALB) sees mainly regional traffic, with destinations like NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. Southwest is the biggest carrier in town, followed by US Airways, United, Delta/Northwest, Continental, American Eagle and Air Canada. Don’t Miss: Spot E, which offers some gorgeous foliage in the background during the fall.