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Air France A380 Arrives at JFK on November 20th

Air France has finalized its first A380 schedule: Paris (CDG)-New York (JFK) service will begin November 23rd, with special inaugural flights on Nov. 20th and 21st.
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Pilot Gets Lost, Wreaks Havoc at JFK

A retired Navy pilot flying his home-built plane from Virginia to Long Island made a wrong turn along the way, leaving him smack in the middle of Kennedy Airport's bustling airspace and perilously close to an inbound 747.
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Arson Possible Cause of Recent American Airlines 767 Fire

American Airlines requested the help of federal arson investigators to determine what ignited a blaze that occurred in a bathroom on board a June 10th flight between New York and Zurich, the Wall Street Journal reports.
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Hold Short(comings)

In light of recent developments meant to enhance situational awareness and aviation safety on the ground, Brian Futterman discusses the nature of runway incursions and challenges the merits of adding to existing technology inst...
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VIDEO: Airbus A380 Makes Hard Crosswind Short Field Landing at Oshkosh

The big Airbus makes a bouncy, swervy landing on a short runway at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
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